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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Sweet Corn Salsa

Summer is here and it’s time for some yummy salads. And recently, I had salsa at a friend’s place and found it very tasty and healthy. Salsa is nothing but a sauce or a dip. It is often used as marinade meat and chicken. The word Salsa is a Spanish term which means sauce. So nobody calls it as salsa sauce which would make it redundant! Mexican Salsa is famous and there are many types of salsas. I particularly love Mango Salsa, Pineapple Salsa, Corn Salsa and Carrot Salsa.

Sweet Corn Salsa


Chopped tomatoes: 1 cup
Sweet corn: ¼ cup (cooked if desired)
Chopped fresh green onion: ¼ cup
Chopped coriander leaves: ¼ cup
Chopped red bell pepper: ¼ cup
Chopped fresh oregano: 1 tsp
Vinegar: 1 tsp
Pepper powder: ¼ tsp
Hot sauce: ½ tsp
Salt: To taste

Grind ½ cup of tomatoes in a food processor with chives, coriander, oregano, vinegar, salt, pepper and hot sauce. Grind till the mixture is coarsely pureed. Add bell pepper and grind well. Transfer to a bowl and add sweet corn and the remaining ½ cup of tomatoes. Taste and add more vinegar, salt, pepper and/or hot sauce, if desired.

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